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hammered last week. probably see nothing from this storm. here is the moisture. kentucky, tennessee and the southeast. this is going to move off shore. get to a position off the southeast coast and off the position of hatteras. we'll come back and talk more about the timetable and battleground states weather. >> speaking of battleground states. in in just about 25 hours, the polls will be closing in virginia. and the latest numbers make it just too close to call there. giving a 2 point edge. showing president obama with a four point lead. over the last week and a half puts the president 3/10ths of one point ahead of his challenger. mitt romney spent a portion of his day stumping around while the democrats countered with joe
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biden in sterling. bruce was at 2 of those 3 events with more. what a day. >> the candidates now in an all out sprint for the finish and it is a measure of just how critical virginia is to mitt romney easy electric for al college calculus. he has spent 3 of the last 5 days here. and the experts say that president obama might be able to assemble annie electric for al college majority even without virginia. even republican analysts say for mitt romney, the odds are almost impossible without the commonwealth. >> one more day for thousands of romney supporters jammed into the patriot center. thousands more circled outside unstable to get in. >> if anyone following american politics wants to know where the energy is, come in this room. >> that energy shows a few
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found momentum that will bring a route on tuesday. although the campaign has a hard time pointing to any polls that track that. >> we thank you and ask you to stay with it all the way until we win tomorrow night. >> we need you virginia. with your help we will win virginia. we win virginia, we win this election. >> joe biden spoke to a much smaller but no lessen enthuse i can't say -- delivered final preelection speech. this year they had to make due with the vice president. >> there is no quit in america and there never has been. >> romney hits four stateon election eve and the campaign has just added two more on election day. ohio and pennsylvania. last minute effort to broaden the battleground. romney's closing argument that his victory will bring real change from day 1.
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and that president obama has failed to deliver. >> you hope that president obama would live up to his promise to bring pple together. to solve big problems. he hasn't. >> i will. >> after the polls close tomorrow night. if you want an early sense of how things are going. keep a close eye on virginia and closer eye on prince william county. the experts say that that battleground county in this battleground state could be a real early indicator. that is unless it is so close that we have to wait until wednesday morning or even longer to find out who will occupy the white house for the next four years. >> going to be an interesting night. nationally the politics average the polls over the last five days does give the president an edge. only 4/10ths of a %. the president making
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his final campaign today in wisconsin, ohio and iowa. and an update on the lawsuit about poll watchers in fairfax county. friday we told you about the suit over new training guidelines. the folks who are at voting precincts answering questions. the judge in the case sided with the democrats and ruled those poll watchers cannot be forced to sit silently in a corner. >> a montgomery county, some voters tell us they've received a second copy in the mail. that's because of a few reports that the ballots were initially sent out missing the page that covered questions 4 through 7. we contacted the board of elections today and learned if you do receive two ballots and send both back, your second set is the one that will be counted. >> supporters of maryland's question 4 held a rally on
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montgomery college's tacoma park today. if it passes, undocumented immigrants would be allowed to pay instate tuition at local community colleges. >> polls open tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. they will be open there and in the district until 8:00 p.m. in virginia the polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. you can learn more about all the candidates and the ballot questions at click on campaign 201. -- 2012. more than a dozen cases of car fires in the last few weeks. >> believed the serial arsonists are responsible for destroying 16 cars. but it was an incident here that they are most interested in. >> that's because they were caught on tape. watch as someone lights a small fire near a car in the darkness. then a near explosion and two arsonists take off running.
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>> went up in flame. saw two bodies run . >> the 91 acura belonged to him. a neighbor security camera caught the video. most interesting to watch are these shots of a car making u turn and killing headlights before the attack. >> you can't make is no sense. why? >> it's unclear what the motive is. we may not know until we make an arrest. >> mark brady is prince georges county fire department spokesman. >> 16 fires that we believe are linked together. these apparently are random acts for whatever reason. they picked these vehicles does not seem to be any type of linkage. >> other cars have been destroyed in buoy and greenbelt. >> meantime, a suspicious death. trouble is, investigators don't even know who the victim is. the
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sheriff's office says human remains were found saturday near the 9,000 block along a right of way for a power line. those remained badly decomposed. investigators are trying to identify their victims. >> tonight we continue our look at the obesity epidemic. and coming your way at 7:00, how women are taking drastic action to increase chances of conceiving a child. >> we'll see you then. still to come in this half hour, getting back to normal after super storm sandy may mean more foot traffic than car traffic. >> first around here the 11th street bridge isn't making the commute easier. the other attention the crossing is getting up next. >> 9news now is sponsored in part by
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just opened over the summer but the district's new 11th administrate bridge is getting honored as the best by the industry. roads and bridges puts the project at the top of its 2012 list. the bridge reliefs traffic congestion saving drivers time and money. >> sure does. research has suggested pleasant aromas can make people feel better. there's a new study that suggests a nice smell can make you act like a better person. take for example, something as simple as the smell of fresh
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baked bread. i'm not kidding here. researchers found folks were more likely to tell a stranger you dropped a wallet if they were in a bakery as opposed to a clothing store. for months, we've seen the ads, the rallies and heated debates. all come to an end tomorrow. a look at the folks who say they are still undecided on the candidates and the issues of campaign 2012. >> some storm victims are burning their furniture to stay warm. others are still waiting hours for gasoline. we'll have the latest on sandy's aftermath tonight on the cbs evening news.
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the polls are open in less than 24 hours and hard to believe there are still quite a few undecided voters out there. and didn't take long for andrew to track -- andrea to track them down. >> the undecided voters we met are actively researching the candidates. they just haven't made up their minds yet. >> when is the election? >> what are the names of the two people running? >> late night television has had
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a field day with undecided voters. >> why are you undecided? what goes on up here? what goes on up here? >> i still can't decide who to go with. i know where i lean but i can't say for certainty that's what i'm going to do come tomorrow. >> on the eve of one of the most happily contested presidential elections in history, we met people like paul. >> more of the that's the person i disagree with the least right now. we'll see what happens tomorrow. >> he's an educated 29-year-old professional. hispanic. christian and now conflicted . >> it was tough. there was a lot of people who expect you to vote based on your age or religious affiliations you have. >> i think i'm going to think it over more and make my decision on my way to the voting booth. >> people assume she's voting for obama. >> i don't care what the color of your skin is. as long as you are standing up for something
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good. looking out for the middle class. >> it's two totally different ways for the country to go. >> voters who have made up their minds are baffled. >> my god, as a woman, look at what we went through to get the right to vote. >> if you are undecided about something, it's kind of like make a decision. there's two clear options here. >> john tells us roughly 4% of the nation's voters. that's about 12 million are still undecided tonight. in the battleground state of virginia, polls show about 1.5% haven't made up their minds. that's 40 to 45,000 voters. in a presidential race so close, as you know, every ballot matters. >> and you have made it crystal clear. thank you. >> concerns tonight about the options being made to new jersey voters tomorrow in the wake of hurricane sandy. several groups
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are questioning security in letting voters submit ballots by mail and e-mail and fax. unless the state clarifies the rules they may sue. more than a million people in new jersey and new york are still in the dark. as many as 40,000 people may be homeless because of the destruction. most of the new york city schools open for the first time today but i was a rough commute as many people waited in long lines for the buses, the trains and the ferries. we are donating $1 to the american red cross for every person who logs on to facebook and likes our page. please consider liking us. >> you are going to talk about another noreaster in a second. but battleground weather. >> we're lucky. sometimes in november we can get pretty big storms. just saying. not the case. we're in good shape. we will start out to the west in nevada and also colorado. doesn't get much better than
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this. sunshine and beautiful. low 80s. 63 in alamosa. and denver. up in wisconsin and iowa, there will be rain. a little bit of light snow and these folks are hardy. not a big deal. upper 30s to 40 in milwaukee. clouds in des moines and sunshine in sue city. speaking of a good day, ohio, fantastic. sunshine in the 40s across the board except for cincinnati. you folks will be in the low 50s. that is a great day. new hampshire, that's a great day. upper 30s to mid 40s from north to south. even virginia north carolina in pretty good shape. we'll be dry in virginia. temperatures upper 40s to low 50s and clouds roll in to north carolina throughout the day. raleigh stays dry. maybe might rain developing .
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just in time for the polls. nothing heavy. and in florida what you might expect, 60s, 70s. 80s for south florida. nothing out of the ordinary there either. nothing out of the ordinary here. live weather cam. generally clear skies. 46. dew point in the mid 20s. winds light out of the north at 10. pressure rising. 30 .12 inches of mercury. satellite picture radar combined. this is our next noreaster. it's not one yet. but that will happen tuesday night. off the coast tuesday night. off the coast by wednesday. just light rain and showers. a few rumbles of thunder through southern sections of alabama. that will become our northerlyeaster into wednesday. right now clear skies and calm wind ands a pretty dry air mass. look for a cold night. temperatures in the 40s and 30s. 40 in fairfax. 43 in arlington and 43 in college park.
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freeze warning tonight. bring the plants in tonight. noreaster will develop and wednesday a storm could hit us in the afternoon. tonight, clear and cold, a one or two blanket night. winds out of the northeast at 10. freeze warning in affect for the entire metro area. that will signal the end of the growing season. tomorrow morning, we are looking at sunshine. if you are going to go and vote early, jacket and gloves. 30s and 40s. and then by afternoon , partly cloudy. still kind of chilly. high temperatures near 50. winds northeasterly at 10. next three days. green yellow, yellow. yellow for wednesday and thursday because of the possible noreaster. that is a flake. mid 40s on wednesday . 53 on thursday. next 7 days. we actually get mild to warm. we're back to 60 on friday. well into the 60 s over the weekend. in your 70 on sunday. more showers next week . but mild. 63. >> that will be welcome indeed.
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>> kind of nice. >> thanks. do we have to talk about it? >> everybody's talking about it. >> mike shanahan tried to clear that up today. i think he did an okay job. you are in the heat of the moment after a loss and words come out the way you don't want them to come out. addressed controversial comments he said after yesterday's loss to carolina. what did he really mean about evaluating his players? plus, no hockey. here's something to hold you over. soon be a hall of famer. sports is next.
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and now 9 sports. >> if you thought the first 9 weeks were rough, wait for the next 7. the redskins have five divisional games left to play and a lot of work to do over the next 2 weeks. head coach disappointed with his team's performance yesterday against carolina. they got embarrassed home against a one win team. and post game conference he said now you are playing to see who is going to be on your football team for years to come. those comments got folks wondering if he's throwing in the towel. today he said he was misunderstood. >> when you talk about five games in the nfc east and 2 in
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the afc, we're just starting our tour. just to think we can't play young players or suggest we play young players and the season was over with is completely ludicrous. >> and the referees today admitted they incorrect leah warded williams a touchdown in yesterday's game. an ref blew a whistle in the td run but upheld the call. the rules say the panthers should have been given a first down, not a touchdown. >> the injuries keep piling on at maryland. the linebacker, the team's leading tackler out of the season forget this, a torn acl. he becomes the 5th player to go down with that knee injury. time now to reveal our latest game of the week poll. it's playoff edition. virginia and maryland schools play friday night. here are a few choices.
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all right. jersey s may still be tucked away for the lock out. head coach adam oates induction is right around the corner. same day he was hired as head coach as the capitals. be inducted a week from today. he's been nervous but the toughest part about preparing has been his speech. >> speech is coming along. it's been since june starting to work on it. one of the tough things is the time restraints they give you. only supposed to be five minutes and it's pretty impossible to thank everybody in five minutes. >> i don't think i've seen a hall of fame speech that's five minutes. >> he can get that out easy. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> local news cast at 7:00. good night, everybody.
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